歡迎來到大奇蘭園 / Welcome to Dachi Orchids Company 


Dachi Orchids founded in 1988, located in Pintung county southern Taiwan. we have more than 20 years experience on culturing top quality Phalaenopsis plants, and trusted by global Phalaenopsis partners!  

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Business partner wanted! We are looking for co-operation opportunity with worldwide growers, florists and distributors, from 1.5" young plants to 3.5" mature plants, spiked plants and flowering plants, we provide selected varieties and finest quality plants to support our partners. 
Sales contact : sales@dachi.tw 

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New in stock - 巨寶美人(Jiuhbao Beauty), 2.0"/2.8"/3.5" pot plants are available for order, email sales@dachi.tw for more information.

2014/04/07 An brief introduction video of our nursery

2014/03/12 Taiwan International Orchids Show TIOS 2014 

Variety list updated http://www.dachi.tw/product 

Variety list updated http://www.dachi.tw/product 

2012/01 The new nursery established with precised temperature, humidity and light control, please visit: 
http://www.dachi.tw/facility for more pictures.

Phal. Dachi No.1 

Phal. Dachi No.3 

Phal. Sogo Yukidian 'V3'  *new

3.5" blooming size plants available now!

Phal. Dachi No.2 
Dtps. Sin-Yuan Golden Beauty *new
Phal.  Wedding  Promenade 
Dtps. Acker Sweetie 'Dragon Tree Maple'
Phal. Brother Sweet Sugar
Phal. Timothy Christopher
Phal. King Car Kitty
Phal. I-Lan Green Pixie